Big news.

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Big news.

Post  Adnan on Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:29 am

Okay, this is basically everything compiled into one.

1) Lyn created us new forums, we will start using this:
We will use those from now on, instead of these forums.

2) Now, pump up, here's the servers EXPECTED release date: Saturday, July 13 to be exact. Oh yeah, I'm warning you all, do not ask me to "Beta test". And this is an EXPECTED release date, don't panic if it's not released.

3) OMGOMGOMG.RATES. This is how Beta testing rates will be, me and Nick may change them, but not drastically:
***20x Drop***
***25x EXP***
***30x Meso***

4) The new GM is iLyn. Nick and I agreed she is most qualified thanks to helping us script, over-come problems, create forums, and she's experienced as being a GM in a server called XMS (not sure on definite name). Current GMs+developers are as listed.

---Developers/Head GMs:
Myself, Adnan.


Okay, feel free to post your negative/positive comments. Remember, new forum is:
No other topics should be created on these forums.

Edit: Quit asking to be a GM/sending me GM applications. Any way to do so will be punished upon my will.

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